Sunday, 10 February 2013

Dodge the Shredder with Emilia Telese

The last in the current series of talks with an 'artist professional development' intent sponsored by ReOrsa, will take place in Reading at OPENHAND OPENSPACE studios. This specially tailored workshop will focus on the landscape of arts funding in the UK, including trusts, foundations and other sources for financing arts projects, providing in-depth strategies in a friendly, supportive environment. 'Dodge the Shredder' is a trademark combination of peer critique forum, funding strategy and proposal writing workshop for artists developing or planning funding applications in the near future, designed to help increase their chances of success when applying to funding bodies and approaching galleries.

Emilia Telese is an artist and writer based in Sussex. Her practice spans several art forms, including interactive and body-responsive technology, film, live art, installation, literature and public art. She is a visiting lecturer in more than ten art institutions in the UK and at the Palermo Academy of Fine Arts and the Pistoletto Institute in Italy.

Places are very limited for this FREE talk, so if you are a Thames Valley based visual artist and know you are able to join ReOrsa and OHOS on the 9th of March, please send an email to to book your place!

This marks the end of the run of talks sponsored by ReOrsa, news about the previous ones including the excellent talk by Jonathan Parsons on 'Establishing a Relationship with London Galleries' can be found on the ReOrsa Projects page here.  We would like to organise more of these events, as we benefit from the information shared and the networking opportunity, along with our fellow 'grey zone' artists who attend.  Given our pending studio closure and uncertainties of the future, a very familiar situation for artists and arts organisations across the UK, I can't say what will happen after June.  But if you've attended any of the talks so far, comments posted on the blog here on interest for future talks, even if they may be at a small cost, would be appreciated.

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  1. I just wanted to say that I thought that I thought it was an extremely interesting talk by Emilia yesterday at Open Hand Open Space. The 3 hours flew by and Emilia was an engaging speaker whose only goal was to impart as much clear and concise information to artists as possible in order to demystify the whole process of applying for funding and putting proposals together. Well done to Emilia and all those involved in organising the event.
    Carol Coates