Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Opportunities, Studios, Talks and Workshops

A lot of information seems to land on my virtual desk these days about art related activities taking place here in 'The Grey Zone'.  So going forward I will try and post as much info as I think may be relevant on a regular basis, the main criteria being it is taking place in the 'Zone' and is either by, or for the benefit of, regional artists.  So if you have information you want posted forward it to reorsa@gmail.com for review, please allow sufficient notice prior to any deadlines or event dates, as the postings will be consolidated whenever possible to minimise the amount of posts.  I have also set-up an email notice option on the blog, so rather than remembering to check for any new postings you can subscribe and have all new posts forwarded to your email Inbox within 24 hours of posting. So here's a few things that have are happening now or very soon:

FREE STUDIO SPACE FOR RECENT GRADUATES - New Greenham Arts and the Corn Exchange in Newbury are offering 1 year's free studio (and a very nice one at that) as part of the Studio8 group located on the New Greenham Business Park just south of Newbury.  The deadline for applying is 28 February, more information on the Corn Exchange web site.

PEACOCK GALLERY, MADIEN ERLEGH SCHOOL, READING - NOW ACCEPTING EXHIBITION PROPOSALS - A nice little gallery located within the school grounds, perfect for solo or small group shows.  Peacock Gallery is a non-profit organisation and do not charge any gallery hire fees but do ask for a small percentage on any sales.  More information can be found on their web site or by emailing Marie Norris or Ali Campbell at communityarts <communityarts@maidenerlegh.wokingham.sch.uk>.   

OPENHAND OPENSPACE ARTSPEAK PROGRAMME - The artists studios located in The Keep, Oxford Road, Reading run a regular programme of Artist Talks and Workshops and they have just posted their 2013 programme for February through July.  This includes a listing for the 'Dodge the Shredder' talk ReOrsa are hosting as well as a number of talks and workshops given by the artists with studios at OHOS.  

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